Mildred Clingerman

“Mildred Clingerman stands just a few niches below Shirley Jackson in the fantasists’ Pantheon, for her wit, invention, prose stylings and ability to capture the zeitgeist and transform it into indelible imagery and happenings. Her name should be broadcast just as widely.” – Paul Di Filippo for LOCUS Magazine


“I write SF & fantasy. The book I enjoyed most recently was The Clingerman Files by Mildred Clingerman,
a bunch of short stories by one of the early women in science fiction.” – Chuck Rothman

“Mildred Clingerman is one of the lost women of 1950’s science fiction. A subtle, strange, modern writer, her name and her
evocative stories vanished from histories of the field.” – Eileen Gunn

“There is something about her stories that pull at the feminist heart. Clingerman wrote about the
fantastical in everyday life, and in the 1950s, that meant a culture of major mansplaining, and worse.
At times, Clingerman describes incursions into a woman’s space that make clear her private area
was open if a man wanted to come in for a closer look.” – Lettie Prell


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future is female book
Happy to see Mildred Clingerman included in “The Future is Female – 25 classic science fiction stories by women”, compiled by Lisa Yaszek.
The new anthology includes “Mr. Sakrison’s Halt” that was first published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in January, 1956.
The new anthology is available on Amazon – Check it out!