A Cupful of Space

Mildred Clingerman’s first compilation. Copies are available on Amazon.

cupful cover1

A heady brew of science-fiction stories.

“A strawberry man, a mystical neighbor and pennies in a boot teach a paratrooper’s wife an odd lesson in the kindergarten of faith…

The disappearance of an English critic who tried to feel his way into the Oklahoma surroundings of a famous poet gives a modern twist to his modern criticism…

A woman named Maggy toying with the hobby of photography startles herself when she suddenly sees things only dogs and cats stare at…

A green velvet cloak, a time traveler, and an unwanted fiance entice one character to ask: “If one is a time traveler and discover’s in the future that one’s sisters best friend has been keeping a journal that one is certain to find oneself in, how far is one allowed to read ahead?”


First Lesson
Stickney and the Critic
Stair Trick
Minister Without Portfolio
Bird’s Can’t Count
The Word
The Day of the Green Velvet Cloak
Winning Recipe
Letters From Laura
The Last Prophet
Mr. Sakrison’s Halt
The Wild Wood
The Little Witch of Elm Street
A Day for Waving
The Gay Deceiver
Red Heart and Blue Roses